Paul Murray Catalysis Consulting offers consultancy in all aspects of Catalysis, Design of Experiments, Principal Component Analysis, solvent selection and process development.

Design of Experiments to efficiently identify important reaction parameters and optimise processes by:

    • Selection of the appropriate designs, factors and ranges for an experimental investigation.
    • The analysis and interpretation of the experimental data.
    • The prediction of reaction outcomes from the¬†Design of Experiments model.

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Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to rationalise diverse sets of materials such as solvents, catalysts, bases, etc.:

    • Selection of suitable properties for chemical datasets to generate appropriate PCA maps.
    • Selection of materials from PCA maps to enable the efficient understanding of the chemical space and requirements of the chemical reaction.
    • Selection of the appropriate experimental designs and the analysis of the data.
    • Partial Least Squares (PLS) modelling to understand the properties of materials that play a significant role in optimum reaction/process performance and the prediction of alternative materials for the chosen reaction.

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    • Homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio catalysis.
    • Design of new shorter synthetic routes that fully exploit the opportunities presented by catalysis.
    • Recommendation of reaction conditions for an array of transformations e.g. challenging Suzuki Miyaura reaction etc.
    • Guide experimental programs to optimise processes including the selection of the optimum catalyst and ligand.
    • Detailed analysis of reaction outcomes to identify areas of concern that affect the reaction efficiency, product quality, impurity profile etc.
    • Optimisation of commercial manufacturing processes to make them sustainable and economically viable long term process.

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